Family Entertainment Centre Hong Kong



24-hour ferry provides a pleasant

25-minute journey between Central Pier 3 and DB.

External Buses


DB Plaza & Bus Terminal outside Tung Chung MTR Station

(Mon to Sun: 0530 – 0130)


DB North Plaza & Hong Kong Int’l Airport

(Mon to Sun: 0715 – 2345)


DB North Plaza & Sunny Bay MTR Station

(Mon to Fri: 0740-2135 ; Sat to Sun: 0740 – 2230)

Internal Buses

C4 & C9

Circular service between DB Pier & DB North Plaza


Park at Sunny Bay Public Car Park

Bus DB03P or take a direct taxi to North Plaza

Free Express Shuttle

From DB Bus Terminus to DB North Plaza every 30 mins during 1100-2115 from Mon to Sun


Transportation routes & schedules may be subject to change without prior notice.

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